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Why I Doula...


Many years ago, it sometimes seems like another life altogether, I was apprenticing under a master ceramicist in Turkey. He made beautiful pots and jars and small fertility goddess statues. I was particularly drawn to the statues and when he asked me why, all I could really come up with was "they make me feel strong and beautiful." He winked at me and said "that is exactly what they're meant to do and I believe that is what you're meant to do as well." He sent me home with one and it has gone everywhere with me since, guiding me along the winding path of my life that would eventually lead me to birth work. I think this mentor knew what was in my heart even before I did. 

I have always been drawn to childbirth and what it means for those who experience it. I believe in the great and intuitive power that a person carries deep within their being. However, none of us are meant to do this alone.  I've witnessed many friends and family members over the years who birthed without support and struggled to have their voices heard or their intuition honored. I thought to myself, "there must be a more empowering way to do this." I was lucky enough to receive training and certification through a volunteer doula training program at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center. I deepened my knowledge by attending workshops for Rebozo, Spinning Babies and lactation support.  From 2021-2022, I attended a year of midwifery school in the hopes of becoming a Certified Professional Midwife. Ultimately, I felt called back to doula work and knew that I was meant to tend to the heart and space of birth, rather than the mechanics of it.  


I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to hold space for people setting out on their journey to parenthood and I treasure the connections I've made with them. Birth is an incredibly intimate experience and I feel honored to get to be a part of it. 

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