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Hi, I'm Caroline!

I am a birth doula, with over 5 years of experience providing families in the greater Bay Area with evidence-based prenatal, birth and postpartum guidance. My primary goal is to empower others to have a safe and mindful birth!

Fully vaccinated and boosted for COVID-19

My Philosophy

I am dedicated to creating a safe space for birthing persons and their partners through evidence-based & trauma-informed care, informed consent and choice. I believe in honoring and holding space for each birth experience individually, as they are so unique and special! My approach to pregnancy and birth is one of balance between western medicine and holistic practices, such as labor massage and guided meditation.  My goal is to bridge the gap between our medical system and every birthing person's innate intuition and birthing instincts. Using my background in psychology, holistic modalities and movement practices, I strive to bring a feeling of calm and deep intuition to the birth space. 

Education & Training

Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology
Earlham College, IN

Doula Certification

Volunteer Doula Training CCRMC

Infant CPR & First Aid Certification

American Red Cross


Certified Professional Midwifery - Year 1

National Midwifery Institute

Advanced Practice Midwifery Workshop

Augustine Colbrook, MA-MCHS


My Birth Support Services Inlcude:

  • A complimentary 1-hour initial interview 

  • 3-4 extensive prenatal sessions 

  • Unlimited phone, email and/or text communication from time of hire

  • 24/7 on call availability starting at 37 weeks

  • Continuous labor and birth support until 1-2 hours postpartum

  • 1-2 postpartum visits (includes a complimentary home-made herbal sitz bath for optimal healing)

  • Choice of one complimentary postpartum meal (2 servings) or a batch of home-made lactation cookies

  • Reliable backup doulas, if needed

  • Referrals to trusted providers (such as cranio-sacral therapy, pelvic floor therapy, or lactation consultants)

More about these services:

Initial Interview

A complimentary get-to-know-you meeting in which we see if we are a good fit for one another. I encourage you to ask questions! I will also ask some questions to help clarify what you might be seeking in a doula and what your goals for your birth might be.

Image by Elena Loshina

Prenatal Care

We get all your questions about pregnancy, birth, & postpartum answered, while working on your written birth plan. I want to make sure you that your specific wishes for your birth are known and understood. We will also go over comfort measures, including positions for laboring, breathing & visualization techniques.

Tropical Banana Leaves

Postpartum Care

This visit takes place one to two weeks after birth. I will come to check in on how you and baby are doing in terms of healing, breastfeeding and sleep. This is also an opportunity for you to reflect on your birth. I can answer questions you may have about the experience or just sit with you as you go through it. This is a very vulnerable time for new parents, so the goal is to create a safe space to explore your feelings about what did or did not happen.

Image by Marko Blažević

Postpartum Meals

Research shows that proper nutrition is important for mother & baby wellness both prenatally and postpartum. I love to cook and have studied nutrition as a key component of postpartum recovery. Depending on availability, I can provide 2-3 warm meals a week for you and your partner. Price upon request.


"When we initially met to talk about my birth plan, I was immediately impressed by Caroline's calm demeanor and knowledge of labor and delivery. I truly cannot imagine what giving birth would have been like without Caroline by my side. When I went into labor, she came to my house and did all the things necessary to keep me comfortable and calm, including helping me take a bath, doing breathing exercises and guiding me through stretches. At the hospital she stayed by my side, helping with breathing techniques and serving as my advocate. I cannot say enough positive things about Caroline as a doula and would highly recommend her to anyone ready to bring a baby into the world."

                  -Meredith W. 

"I felt so lucky to have found Caroline! She helped me to feel safe in a way that I wouldn't have felt if it were only my partner supporting me because she had such a strong knowledge base and ability to tune into me without magnifying any anxiety I felt. I trusted Caroline to advocate for me in a medical environment. Her experience combined with her strong but cooperative voice helped me to feel confident I would be heard."
                  -Lindsay P.

"Anyone would be lucky to have Caroline by their side before, during, and after birth. She thoughtfully helped me work through some anxieties I had during the final weeks of pregnancy, and when my water broke in the middle of the night she was cool as a cucumber which was a much needed presence for me and my partner. Caroline was my advocate in the hospital, and she made me feel confident in voicing my birth preferences each step of the way. Her relaxation techniques made my labor experience as calm as I could have hoped for. I am so grateful we worked with her to bring our beautiful daughter into this world!"

                    -Claire L.

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